Word of the Month

I am trying something different with my annual goals.

In years past, I’ve identified a lengthy list of accomplishments to pursue. Yet each year this approach has me feeling bogged down by the minutia of it all. In an effort to be a better person I cannot simply do things, I must be someone.

Instead, I’m going to concentrate my energy on improving across 12 individual areas; one for each month. Each word represents a thematic concept I want to spend time focusing on. The order is far from random.  I considered time of year and personal life changes that would allow me to be intentional with my focus and allow me to build in each area month after month.

2019 word of the month

At the beginning of each month I share the meaning behind my selection and illustrate how I plan to actually live the word.

January // Envision: 

Big picture: I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about what my ideal life would look like if I got out of my own way. Yet in all my daydreaming, I’ve never taken the time to consciously articulate it. I want to change that.

To think about: What is success? What are the things that directly correlate to happiness? Who are the people I want to spend my time with?

Little daily action: Examine decisions big and small and determine how they play a role in my vision.

End result: A feeling of confidence in the direction my life is going.


February // Consistency: 

Big picture: Getting better is not random. It comes from taking action.  Last month was about identifying what success looks like. This month is about implementing structure that will allow for long-term personal success. 

To think about: How do you set up habits that don’t feel like chores?

Little daily action: Sleep right. Eat right. Work right. Exercise right.

End result: A thought-out habit plan that will stick even when my willpower wildly fluctuates day-to-day.


March // Share: 

Big picture: I want to do a better job of incorporating people into my life. I’ve always been afraid of letting anyone get too close to me. I don’t want to be an island anymore. 

To think about: How does one authentically share yourself?

Little daily action: Talk about and express how I feel with literal language whenever possible.

End result: A feeling of mutual understanding with the people who matter most to me. 


April // Free: 

Big picture: There are many things in life that I do not have control over. When I refuse to accept this, I feel overwhelmed and anxiety-stricken. I want to take the time to understand what I can and cannot control so that my mind is free.

To think about: How can one unburden oneself from the things they cannot control?

Little daily action: Consciously acknowledge the following: I can only control my attitude and my effort with each action as well as each person I encounter.

End result: My time, energy and emotion is focused on the things I do have control over.