Tools & Resources

I rely on a series of tools and resources to help me best structure my life.

Since I try to only recommend the very best, this page will be updated frequently when I discover new things or find better alternatives to the tools listed below.

Please note: This is not a meant to be a sales page.  The tools below are all things I personally use and vouch for their value.

I want to better manage my time...

Google Calendar – my favorite time management tool

Todoist – my favorite task management tool

I want to get more done...

Trello – my favorite project management tool

Focus Booster – my favorite app for increasing concentration

I want to get more organized...

Evernote – my favorite note-taking tool

Google Drive – my favorite digital storage system

Google Photos – my favorite photo gallery

I want to better manage my money...

Mint – my favorite budget planner

Robinhood – my favorite investment tool

Personal Capital – my favorite financial planning software

I want to get smarter...

TED – my favorite place for inspiration

Highbrow – my favorite daily email course

I want to learn new skills...

Khan Academy – my favorite digital classroom

I want to discover myself...

Journey – my favorite app for journaling

Calm – my favorite meditation assistant

I want to build a website/blog...

WordPress – my favorite website building platform (CMS)

A2 Hosting my favorite web hosting provider

MailChimp – my favorite email marketing platform

Places I like going online...

Blogs I enjoy reading...

Have a suggestion for another awesome resource or tool not listed above?  I would love to hear about it!