Hi, my name is Evan and I’m truly glad you are here.

This website is a place where I explore how to go about identifying, constructing, and living a life of purpose and meaning.

What is this website all about?

Quick answer: I am passionate about discovering ways to make the most out of life. I talk about that. A lot.

Long answer: From an early age I’ve been of the mindset that if you only have one life, you might as well make it count. Many people say that. My goal is to actually live it. Authentically. I find this mindset to be incredibly enriching, even more so when I share it with others. So instead of keeping everything to myself, I use this website to share what I learn with anyone who finds it.

Things to work towards

– Living your true, authentic self

– Doing work that you love

– Making time to be with people you care about

– Collecting memories

– Being present every day

– Recognizing what actually makes you happy and excited

– Giving back to the world

– Positively affecting people

How to join along

There are two main ways of joining along in my journey.

  1. Signing up for my newsletter.
  2. Reading my articles.