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This website has two goals

Goal #1 – Help you create your bucket list 

Goal #2 – Help you learn how to live out your bucket list 

Simple, right?

Some quick backstory...

When I wrote the very first version of my bucket list I thought that I would spend the rest of my life crossing everything off one by one.

Then I became an adult.

Turns out, when you get older, life gets busy. Things like careers, relationships, paying the rent, all began to take up my time, energy, and money.

When I would revisit my bucket list, it appeared like a collection of wants that were incompatible with the life I was living.

It was then that I realized a bucket list was just that – a list. It was never meant to be a framework to guide me through life. If I was serious about making an effort to actually live out my list, I had to rethink what a bucket list was and more importantly how to use it.

Who are you?

Probably an awesome person. 

I know what it’s like to be in your 20s trying to figure out what you want to do with your life and having no clue where to begin. So I’m writing this for the people who can relate to that feeling. Regardless of your age, you are looking to live a life that matters in the end. And that makes you my kind of person.

What should I do first?

My best thoughts are all nicely packaged up on this page. Rather than spread everything out over multiple blog posts I condensed it all here. It is a lengthy read, but my hope is it will give you a solid understanding of not only what mission this site serves, but actionable steps for you to follow.

What should I do after that?

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Okay, and after that?

Send me an email and say hi! I like meeting new people.