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Hi, my name is Evan and I’m truly glad you are here.

This website is a place where I explore how to go about identifying, constructing, and living a life of purpose and meaning.

I do all of this through bucket lists.

This website has two goals

Goal #1 – Help you create your bucket list 

Goal #2 – Help you learn how to use your bucket list to be inspired by your goals, intentional with your time, and motivated to build a life that you find fulfilling. I call it The Bucket List Life.

What is The Bucket List Life?

The Bucket List Life is a method of using your bucket list to act as a framework to move you through life. It is made up of the following values.

1. Living your true, authentic self

Be you. The real you. Not a version of you that the world expects you to be. Each day confidently following your own path in life. You have the ability to pursue the things you love. You have the courage to stand out from your peers. Your intuition is a friend, not something to be feared.

Requires: Honesty.

Result: The knowledge that you are going through life guided by your own truth.

2. Recognizing sources of happiness

No two people are searching for the same things in life. Discover what makes you excited. What is worth getting out of bed in the morning. What gives you the good kind of butterflies deep within your soul. Find them. And when you do, repeat them often.

Requires: Appreciation.

Result: The joy that comes from doing what you love.

3. Being present every day

Immerse yourself in the moment. Do not merely go through the emotions with one eye looking ahead to the future. Do not fool yourself into thinking you can multitask all day.

Requires: Focus.

Result: The fulfillment that comes from recognizing the magic of each moment.

4. Making connections.

Make connections that allow for the growth of personal relationships, ideas, creative impulses, thoughts, or insights. Be endlessly curious.

Requires: Curiosity.

Result: The fostering of a deeper, richer link to the fabric of the world around you.

5. Giving back.

Have a legacy of doing good.  Use resources that you have available to you – whether time, money, or talent. Big acts or small acts, they all matter.

Requires: Selflessness.

Result: The act of leaving the world a better place than you found it.

Who are you?

Probably an awesome person. 

I know what it’s like to be in your 20s trying to figure out what you want to do with your life and having no clue where to begin. So I’m writing this for the people who can relate to that feeling. Regardless of your age, you are looking to live a life that matters in the end. And that makes you my kind of person.

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