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Hi, and welcome to EvanNickel.com

The goal of this website is to help ambitious individuals (such as yourself) create a lifestyle built around goal-setting that will lead to increased focus and clarity in your daily life.

Step 2: Let’s talk about you…

This website is not for everyone. Most likely that includes you.

Living a goal-based life is difficult. It requires determination, patience, and courage. If you commit to this lifestyle you’ll have to put in some serious work.

However, I believe that CAN be you. You are still reading this and that tells me all that I need to know about you  –  you care.

You care about doing more with your life. That’s huge.

Here’s a little secret, acknowledging that fact is often the hardest part.  You’ve gotten that out of the way.  Now you can buckle down and start taking action.

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Speaking of taking action…

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