In my life I’ve learned that living a life built on fostering daily purpose and meaning is a team effort. My team consists of a wide cast of people, but also a variety of tools that allows me to make my time, focus and money work harder for me.

On this page you can find all those tools.

I want to be transparent that some of the things I’ve listed below contain an affiliate link. If you use them, I may get a small commission – but there will be no additional cost to you. I only include resources that I personally use and in good conscious firmly believe you may find value in them as well.


google maps logo

Google Maps

Best overall mapping service.

Check it out
GaiaGPS logo


Best custom map creator.

Check it out
alltrails logo


Best hike finder.

Check it out
google earth logo

Google Earth

Best map for exploring the world.

Check it out


Personal Capital - Evan Nickel

Personal Capital

Best financial planner.

Check it out




Best task manager.

Check it out

Google Calendar

Best agenda keeper.

Check it out

Planning & Organization

notion logo


Best digital notebook.

Check it out
airtable logo


Best cloud based list tracker.

Check it out
Workflowy Logo


Best project tracker.

Check it out

Running a Business

a2 hosting logo

A2 Hosting

Best website hosting.

Check it out
mailchimp logo


Best email marketing service.

Check it out

People I Appreciate

Tim Urban – Wait But Why – Writer

Tyler Cowen – Marginal Revolution – Economist

Chris Guillebeau – Writer

Mark Manson – Writer

Derek Sivers – Writer

James Clear – Writer

Tynan – Writer

Brendan Leonard – Writer

Arthur C. Clarke – Writer

Stephen King – Writer

Hans Zimmer – Composer

Wes Anderson – Film Director

Christopher Nolan – Film Director

Nathan Fielder – Comedian

Harry Chapin – Musician

Lorde – Musician

Taika Waititi – Film Director

Resource Changes

March 17, 2020 – swapped Mailchimp for MailerLite under ‘Running a Business’ category.

March 12, 2020 – removed Robinhood from ‘Money’ category.

March 10, 2020 – added Workflowy to ‘Planning & Organization’ category.

March 10, 2020 – swapped GaiaGPS for Caltopo under ‘Travel’ category.

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