In my life I’ve learned that living a life built on fostering daily purpose and meaning is a team effort. My team consists of a wide cast of people, but also a variety of tools that allows me to make my time, focus and money work harder for me.

On this page you can find all those tools.




Amazon Kidle

I love everything about physical books. I thought Kindles were a corruption of a perfectly good thing. I was so wrong. I read more, smarter, and with greater ease thanks to my Kindle.

The following are books that have either changed how I see the world, or have directly impacted my life. Click here to browse all the books I’m reading.

Into the Wild - by Jon Krakauer

The only book I read every single year. For me, no book has better-provoked my own reflection on what the human experience can be than this one.

The Giving Tree - by Shel Silverstein

Many people interpret it differently, but I have always seen it as a poignant reminder of the various forms of love and loss that we all must face.

Start With Why - by Simon Sinek

Discovering my WHY, HOW, and WHAT was an important milestone in my personal growth journey.


This website is my business and the following tools power the critical infrastructure behind the scenes.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is who I trust to keep my website up and running 24/7. For an entrepreneur such as myself, the cost is economical and the customer service is always reliable. (paid)


Email marketing is important if you have any interest in building an online audience. I use SendFox for creating and sending out my weekly newsletter. (free + paid plans)


The following are tools that have helped me in my journey to becoming more financially educated and savvy with my assets.

Lunch Money

Budgeting is essential to tracking where money goes and this is my favorite tool to do so. (free trial + paid plans)

Personal Capital

A robust piece of software that securely links my portfolio (investments, banking, student loans, etc.) together in a single place. (free + paid plans)


An app that makes stock trading fun. No fees, no complicated steps. Just add a funding source and start trading. The best part is the social community that exists within the app that offers knowledge and insight into how others are managing their own portfolio. (free)


The following are movies that have either changed how I see the world, or have directly impacted my life. Click here to browse all the movies I’m watching.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

A beautifully moving story that demonstrates how life can be unfair and cruel but having hope and a dream is a powerful weapon.

The Truman Show (1998)

With each passing year it becomes a more valuable reminder of the dangers of in-authenticity and the importance of being true to ourselves.


To be honest, organization is not one of my strengths. These tools go a long way in helping me keep track of my thoughts and work. 


If you've ever had a lot of information and no ideal way of organizing it, Airtable might be for you. (free + paid plans)


Part task manager, part note-taker, part web clipper, and so much more. Notion is hard to explain, but once you dive into its various applications, you'll be hardpressed to remember how you lived without it. (free + paid plans)


My brain processes information best when there are bolded words, bullet points, and headers and subheaders. Workflowy is a tool that provides me a simple way to organize my most complex projects. (free + paid plans)


The world is filled with fascinating and wonderfully talented human beings. Here is a list of some of those who have impacted me the most.


Arthur C. Clarke – Writer

James Clear – Writer

Tyler Cowen – Marginal Revolution – Writer

Chris Guillebeau – Writer

Stephen King – Writer

Brendan Leonard – Writer

Mark Manson – Writer

Derek Sivers – Writer

Tynan – Writer

Tim Urban – Wait But Why – Writer


Wes Anderson – Film Director

Harry Chapin – Musician

Nathan Fielder – Comedian

Lorde – Musician

Christopher Nolan – Film Director

Taylor Swift - Musician

Taika Waititi – Film Director

Hans Zimmer – Composer


It’s so easy to lose track of time if you don’t properly schedule it. 

Google Calendar

I love having a good old fashioned calendar around. I'm a planner and I like being able to schedule my time at the daily, weekly, and monthly levels. Google Calendar can do just that AND sync across all my devices. (free)


The best travel to me involves good hiking, great views, and delicious food. All the tools below are essential for helping me plan and enjoy all my trips.


AllTrails is an app/website must for anyone who loves hiking. With thousands of hikes that you can filter by location, distance, altitude gained, popularity, etc. chances are it can find your next favorite hike.  (free + paid plans)

Gaia GPS

Anytime I go off the beaten path I rely on Gaia GPS for my map needs. It has the best collection of layers available to cover all my topographic, nautical, and historical needs. (free + paid plans)

Google Earth

It currently doesn't play an active role in my travels, but there is no website I enjoy using more than Google Earth. (free)

Google Maps

When I need to find out the quickest way to get somewhere: Google Maps. When I need to find a vegetarian restaurant that has more than 4.5 stars: Google Maps. When I need to create a custom map for my next road trip: Google Maps. If I could only have one app on my smartphone: Google Maps. (free)



An incredibly useful resource for learning about any destination. As it's crowdsourced from thousands of travelers, it has information that you won't find anywhere else. (free)

airbnb logo


The place to go if you want to find that one-of-a-kind lodging destination or local experience. (free)

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