Main goals

  • Shannon (my fiancée)
  • My family
  • Mountain climbing training
  • Planning a wedding
  • Getting my personal finances on track

Daily goals

  • Eat the following: 100g protein, fruits, vegetables
  • Read 25+ pages
  • Walk 8,000+ steps
  • Say hello to people (really just be friendly to everyone I encounter)
  • Have a headache-free day
  • Write something meaningful

Principles I'm living by

  • Stop putting off the stuff I’m afraid of doing
  • Don’t be afraid of dreaming bigger
  • Focus on building the right habits
  • I am defined by my integrity
  • Life is better shared

Things I'm learning about

  • Metal-detecting
  • Charleston, SC history
  • The Spooky Oak in southeastern Wisconsin

The goal of this page is to act as a visible, public reminder of where my priorities currently lie.  It will change as my life changes.

Last updated January 31, 2020.

Inspired by Derek Sivers and The /Now Movement.

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