What I’m Doing Now

Staying Safe

Right now it is hard to focus on much else than getting by with each passing day. I am grateful that I am able to stay put at home with my fiancée Shannon and that we are both healthy. This whole situation has increased my appreciation for how I will never sicken of her company. 


I am fortunate that my job has transitioned into a stable WFH environment for the time being. While there was an initial adjustment period, sitting down and getting work done has been a healthy way to pass the hours.


I still have aspirations to get back to mountain climbing this summer and need to keep pushing my cardio fitness. I recently stumbled upon CityStrides and it has completely revolutionized my workouts. Now I'm in the process of running every street in my 'city' and finding a whole new appreciation for where I've chosen to make my home.

The goal of this page is to act as a visible, public reminder of where my priorities currently lie.  It will change as my life changes.

Last updated September 1, 2020.

Inspired by Derek Sivers and The /Now Movement.