Evan Nickel

What I'm Doing Now


My 9-5 job remains an integral part of my life.  Not only does it pay the bills, but it gives me structure, accountability and numerous personal growth opportunities.  Currently I am a social/digital strategist at GMR Marketing helping global companies take their marketing campaigns to the next level.

This website (EvanNickel.com) is not only my side hustle but my true passion project as well. I have a burning desire to help other people learn how to live full lives and the hope is that this website works toward that goal.


How to foster a consistent routine from when I wake up (6:00am) to when I go to work (7:45am).  Currently, I do not do a good job of maximizing this window of time. 

How to balance a budget. My own fiscal responsibility is a huge personal weakness of mine. I’m actively looking for ways to curb my unnecessary spending habits and account for where my money goes.


Climbing the 50 State Highpoints is my longest ongoing quest. An early addition to my bucket list, criss-crossing across the United States to knock off all 50 states has been an immensely rewarding challenge that continually forces me to improve my logistical planning skills and physical endurance.

Reading: Night Over Water – Ken Follett (see what else I’m reading)

Watching: The Civil War – Ken Burns. (see what else I’m watching)


Eva, my niece, is the most important person in my life. Being around her makes my heart full.

Being truly present for the people in my life. I tend to incorrectly convince myself that I’m always there for friends and family but deep down I know that I am not. This is something I am putting time towards figuring out how to change.

Thinking About

If Inbox Zero is actually a real thing? It has to be an urban legend, right?

The goal of this page is to act as a visible, public reminder of where my priorities currently lie.  It will change as my life changes.

Last updated September 8, 2018.

Inspired by Derek Sivers and The /Now Movement.