What I'm Doing Now

Main Focus

  • Shannon
  • My family
  • Creating a home
  • Finding work/life balance
  • Training to get back in mountain climbing shape by Spring 2020


  • Learn how to make five consistently good (and healthy) meals
  • Travel whenever possible
  • Walk 8,000+ steps a day
  • Say hello to people (really just be friendly to everyone I encounter)
  • Make my daily headaches a thing of the past

Principles I’m Living By

  • Stop putting off the stuff I’m afraid of doing
  • Don’t be afraid of dreaming bigger
  • Focus on building the right habits
  • I am defined by my integrity
  • Life is better shared

The goal of this page is to act as a visible, public reminder of where my priorities currently lie.  It will change as my life changes.

Last updated October 25, 2019.

Inspired by Derek Sivers and The /Now Movement.