My Life in Emojis

I am a male living in the United States. That means that my current life expectancy is ~76 years. Below is a chart showing 76 years worth of months.

Each circle = 1 month.Ā 

I threw in some important milestones in my life to give all that time some context.

šŸ£ Iā€™m born on October 20, 1993

šŸšø I start kindergarten

šŸŽ’ I start elementary school

āœļø September 11 happens

šŸ« I start high school

šŸŽ“ I start college

ā›°ļø I start mountain climbing

šŸ‘” I start at GMR Marketing

šŸ  I move into my first apartment

šŸ’— I fall in love

šŸ’ I get engaged

āŽ The present day

My only resounding thought after seeing it all laid out like this: life is beautifully short, wonderful and precious.Ā 

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