My 2021 Word: Basics

My official word for 2021 is BASICS. 

I want to prioritize getting back to basics. 2020 taught me that life can get complex fast. In many ways, it was a year where I oftentimes felt things were out of control. I suppose a global pandemic can do that.

As I look towards this year, my goal is to focus on the basic things that I do have control over. In the pursuit of organization, I arranged my areas of focus underneath the various titles I have in my personal and professional life.


I entered 2021 as a husband to the love of my life. Above everything else, my primary goal is to give 100% of myself to our first year of marriage. I want to make life memorable, fun, and continue building our adventure together. 


I have no idea how COVID will continue to make it challenging to get-together with friends and family throughout the year. Regardless, I want to show up as best I can. Even virtually. And when circumstances do allow for in-person interaction, I want to continue practicing being fully present and engaged.


This has the potential to be a crazy year as far as my career is concerned. Without divulging specifics, my area of focus is getting increasingly strategic. Every strategist I know has a unique personal brand. My goal throughout the year will be to learn everything that I can to develop my own professional brand.


I ran a total of 302 miles in 2020. That’s not even one mile per day. I’m aiming for 500 miles in total for 2021. Or 1.4 miles per day.

But I would walk run 500 miles

To keep me motivated I’m scheduling virtual race check-ins throughout the year. A 5K in March and a 10K in May are the first two on the itinerary. 

I’m also starting a pushup challenge this year. The plan is to do 30,000 of them in total, or 82/day. 


Right at the end of 2020, I bought the vehicle I’ve been wanting for a long-time: a Toyota 4Runner. It’s reliable, can tackle any terrain, and has heated seats for Shannon. It’s going to be our adventure vehicle, all we have to do is get on the road. PNW 2021 maybe?

But until our next odyssey, I still want to consistently get back out until nature. More hikes. More exploration. More time not in front of a screen.


This website is my creator space. Where I can collect my thoughts, document my interests, and write about anything and everything. I do not know where this website will go, but this year I want to make a concerted effort to build an online space I’m proud to call my own.


The things in this category all have to do with getting older and having responsibilities that come with it.

A few odds and ends:

  1. I want to work on saving money/budgeting
  2. I want to figure out how to buy land and build a house
  3. I want to overhaul my wardrobe with a more true-to-me style
  4. I want to eat healthier – i.e. consume less red meat

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