Lists FAQ

What is a limited list?

A limited list is not only achievable but contains a set number of items that I desire to 100% check off. These tend to be the lists that I prioritize and spend the most amount of time working on.   

What is a limitless list?

A limitless list is a list that is impossible to complete. I use the term “impossible” based on my own personal ability to complete the list. You might be able to try every beer in existence. But that’s not a goal of mine. Instead, I use limitless lists as an archive or reference point so that I can keep track of what I do and more so remember if I enjoyed said thing or not.  

Is completing a list different than completing a quest?

Yes, basically every list has the potential to be a quest, but not every quest needs to be based on a list. A quest contains either an unique experience or a chapter of personal growth. Usually both.

What happened to your bucket list?

Someday I will write a more detailed answer to this. But the truth of the matter is that my bucket list was not working for me. Rather than make me feel intentional with my time and energy, it resulted in me feeling overwhelmed. So I stripped it down, pulling out the elements that did matter to me, and fashioned them into the more straightforward lists that appear on this site.