Life List

A mega-list of what I want to see, try, visit, read, and prioritize in life.

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Top 10

My Top 10 true priorities that are foundational to the life story I want to tell…

  1. Fall in loveΒ Keep falling in love with another person with every ounce of my beingΒ 
  2. Find and create daily adventures to share with her
  3. Build a family rooted in love and honesty
  4. Create a home that represents acceptance and safety
  5. Pursue work that challenges my brain and moves the world forward
  6. Be a life-long learner who seeks knowledge and wisdom above worldly drivel
  7. Seek the open road/river/ocean/sky/path and take the time to appreciate it all
  8. Β Remain strong in the morals, values, and ideals that represent me
  9. Acknowledge my faults, recognize my mistakes, and actively seek growth
  10. Give back my time, talents, and assets in ways that directly help othersΒ 

Everything outside this Top 10 list (i.e. the rest of this page) is inconsequential and is purely for the purpose of my own enrichment. If I get to live out my Top 10, I will have had a meaningful life.


Places I want to go at some point in my life…


I want to visit all 63 U.S. National Parks

(S) designates that I visited with Shannon

U.S. National Parks I have visited

β˜’ Acadia (S)

β˜’ Arches (S)

β˜’ Badlands

β˜’ Black Canyon of the Gunnison (S)

β˜’ Bryce Canyon (S)

β˜’ Canyonlands (S)

β˜’ Capitol Reef (S)

β˜’ Congaree (S)

β˜’ Crater Lake (S)

β˜’ Cuyahoga Valley

β˜’ Gateway Arch

β˜’ Glacier

β˜’ Grand Canyon (S)

β˜’ Grand Teton (S)

β˜’ Great Sand Dunes (S)

β˜’ Great Smokey Mountains (S)

β˜’ Mammoth Cave

β˜’ Mesa Verde

β˜’ Mount Rainier

β˜’ New River Gorge (S)

β˜’ Olympic

β˜’ Petrified Forest

β˜’ Redwood (S)

β˜’ Rocky Mountain

β˜’ Theodore Roosevelt

β˜’ Voyageurs

β˜’ Wind Cave

β˜’ Yellowstone (S)

β˜’ Yosemite

β˜’ Zion (S)

U.S. National Parks I still want to visit

☐ American Samoa

☐ Big Bend

☐ Biscayne

☐ Carlsbad Caverns

☐ Channel Island

☐ Death Valley

☐ Denali

☐ Dry Tortugas

☐ Everglades

☐ Gates of the Artic

☐ Glacier Bay

☐ Great Basin

☐ Guadalupe Mountains

☐ Haleakala

☐ Hawaii Volcanoes

☐ Hot Springs

☐ Indiana Dunes

☐ Isle Royale

☐ Joshua Tree

☐ Katmai

☐ Kenai Fjords

☐ Kings Canyon

☐ Kobuk Valley

☐ Lake Clark

☐ Lassen Volcanic

☐ North Cascades

☐ Pinnacles

☐ Saguaro

☐ Sequoia

☐ Shenandoah

☐ Virgin Islands

☐ White Sands

☐ Wrangell-St. Elias


I want to visit many unique museum institutions

(S) designates that I visited with Shannon

History/Natural museumsΒ I have visited

β˜’ American Museum of Natural History

β˜’ Barnegat Light Museum (S)

β˜’ Battleship Cove (S)

β˜’ Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan

β˜’ Detroit Historical Museum

β˜’ Dinosaur Discovery Museum

β˜’ Field Museum (S)

β˜’ Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

β˜’ Kennedy Space Center

β˜’ Kenosha Public Museum

β˜’ Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum (S)

β˜’ Maine Maritime Museum (S)

β˜’ Maritime Museum at Battleship Cove (S)

β˜’ Milwaukee Public Museum (S)

β˜’ National Comedy Center (S)

β˜’ National Museum of the US Air Force

β˜’ Navajo County Historical Society

β˜’ Shedd Aquarium

β˜’ Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

β˜’ Smithsonian National Museum of Amer. History

β˜’ The Mariner’s Museum and Park (S)

β˜’ The National WWII Museum

β˜’ United States Holocaust Museum

β˜’ USS Constitution Museum (S)

Art museums I have visited

β˜’ Chrysler Museum of Art (S)

β˜’ Milwaukee Art Museum (S)

β˜’ Museum of Contemporary Art (S)

β˜’ Telfair Museums (S)

β˜’ The Museum of Modern Art

β˜’ Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (S)

Other museums I have visited

β˜’ Betty Brinn Children’s Museum

β˜’ Castillo de San Marcos NationalΒ  Monument (S)

β˜’ Discovery World

β˜’ Ft. Knox and Penobscot Narrows Observatory (S)

β˜’ Museum of Science and Industry

β˜’ Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon (S)


I want to visit many of the UNESCO World Heritage SitesΒ 

As of 2023, UNESCO has designated 1,157 sites across 167 countries.

(S) designates that I visited with Shannon

UNESCO World Heritage Sites I have visited

β˜’ Grand Canyon National Park – Arizona, USA (S)

β˜’ Great Smoky Mountains Natl Pk – TN/NC USA (S)

β˜’ Independence Hall – Pennsylvania, USA (S)

β˜’ Mammoth Cave National Park – Kentucky, USA

β˜’ Mesa Verde National Park – Colorado, USA

β˜’ Monticello & Univ of VA – Virginia, USA (S)

β˜’ Olympic National Park – Washington, USA

β˜’ Redwood National & State Parks – CA, USA (S)

β˜’ Statue of Liberty – New York, USA

β˜’ Waterton Glacier Int. Peace Park – CAN/USA

β˜’ Yellowstone National Park – WY/MT/ID, USA (S)

β˜’ Yosemite National Park – California, USA


I want to visit (and stay at) many of the Historic Hotels Worldwide

As of 2023 there are 488 Historic Hotels in 44 countries.

Historic Hotels Worldwide I have stayed at.

Every single one Shannon has joined me at

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hotels

John Rutledge House Inn – Charleston, SC, USA

  • Opened in 1763Β  Β ///Β  Β Visited in 2018, 2019, 2020

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hotels

Hotel Colorado – Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA

  • Opened in 1893Β  Β ///Β  Β Visited in 2020, 2022

The Blackburn Inn – Staunton, Virginia, USA

  • Opened in 1828Β  Β ///Β  Β Visited in 2021

The Brown Hotel – Louisville, Kentucky, USA

  • Opened in 1923Β  Β ///Β  Β Visited in 2021

⭐⭐⭐ Hotels

The Westin Poinsett – Greenville, SC, USA

  • Opened in 1925Β  Β ///Β  Β Visited in 2020

InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile – IL, USA

  • Opened in 1929Β  Β ///Β  Β Visited in 2022

Former HHW that I have visited Β that are no longer on the list

The Bellevue Hotel – Philadelphia, PA, USAΒ  ⭐⭐

  • Β Opened in 1912Β  Β ///Β  Β Visited in 2021Β 


Things I want to see at some point in my life…


I want to see many of my all-time favorite art pieces in real life.

My favorite art pieces I have seen

β˜’ A Ride for Liberty – The Fugitive Slaves

  • Eastman JohnsonΒ  Β  ///Β  Β 1862


β˜’Β A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande

  • Georges SeuratΒ  Β  ///Β  Β 1886

β˜’ American Gothic

  • Grant WoodΒ  Β  ///Β  Β 1930

β˜’ Campbell’s Soup Can

  • Andy WarholΒ  Β  ///Β  Β 1962

β˜’ Faberge Eggs

  • Peter Carl FabergeΒ  Β ///Β  Β 1885 – 1917

β˜’ I and the Village

  • Marc ChagallΒ  ///Β  Β 1911

β˜’ Last Judgement

  • Marx Reichlich ///Β  Β 1490

β˜’ Nighthawks

  • Edward Hopper ///Β  Β 1942

β˜’ Reflections of Clouds on the Water-Lily Pond

  • Claude Monet ///Β  Β 1920

β˜’ The Old Guitarist

  • Pablo Picasso ///Β  Β 1904

β˜’ The Sleeping Gypsy

  • Henri Rousseau ///Β  Β 1897

β˜’ The Starry Night

  • Vincent van Gogh ///Β  Β 1889

My favorite art pieces I still hope to see

☐ A Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mt. Rosalie

☐ Big Self-Portrait

☐ Birth of Venus

☐ Boy on High Dive

☐ Castle Scharfenberg at Night

☐ Christina’s World

☐ Composition 8

☐ Convex and Concave

☐ David

☐ Dulle Griet

☐ Four Seasons in One Head

☐ Ginevra de’ Benci

☐ Girl with a Pearl Earring

☐ Guernica

☐ Impression, Sunrise

☐ Lady With an Ermine

☐ Laocoon and His Sons

☐ Las Meninas

☐ Massacre of the Innocents

☐ Mona Lisa

☐ Napoleon Crossing the Alps

☐ Persistence of Memory

☐ Pieta

☐ Portrait of Henry VIII

☐ Primavera

☐ Saturn Devouring His Son

☐ School of Athens

☐ Self-Portrait with Grey Felt Hat

☐ Sistine Chapel ceiling

☐ The Battle of Alexander at Issus

☐ The Garden of Earthly Delights

☐ The Great Wave off Kanagawa

☐ The Last Supper

☐ The Night Watch

☐ The Scream

☐ The Son of Man

☐ The Stages of Life

☐ The Thinker

☐ The Winged Victory of Samothrace

☐ The Wounded Angel

☐ Two Men Contemplating the Moon

☐ Venus de Milo

☐ Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog

☐ Washington Crossing the Delaware

☐ Whistler’s Mother


I want to watch lots of movies in theaters and at homeΒ as it provides tremendous entertainment and furthers my appreciation for one of my favorite mediums.

I’m going to start doing a better job of tracking the movies I’m watching on Letterboxd.


Things I want to try at some point in my life…


I want to try to hike down many trails. If I had to pick a single hobby that is my favorite, it would be hiking. Out-an-back, loop, long, short, doesn’t matter. Being out in nature on a trail brings me immeasurable joy.

I’m documenting here the trails I’ve hiked with Shannon on a 1-5 scale. Trail links take you to AllTrails.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trails

β˜’ Abol Trail – Katahdin (7.3 miles) (hiked 2021)

β˜’ Amphitheater & Sunrise Lakes (10.0 miles) (’22)

β˜’ Cathedral Wash Trail (3.3 miles) (’20)

β˜’ Devil’s Garden (5.8 miles) (’22)

β˜’ High Dune Trail (3.0 miles) (’20)

β˜’ Island & Ice Lakes (8.1 miles) (’22)

β˜’ Jordan Cliffs, Pemetic Mtn (5.7 miles) (’21)

β˜’ Kettle Moraine Southern Unit (40+ miles) (’20)

β˜’ Lava Lake (8.5 miles) (’22)

β˜’ Mount Elbert East Ridge Trail (15.5 miles) (’20)

β˜’ Mt. of the Holy Cross (11.0 miles) (’22)

β˜’ Navajo Loop & Queens Garden (3.1 miles) (’22)

β˜’ South Kaibab to Skeleton Point (5.8 miles) (’20)

β˜’ St. Sauveur & Acadia Mtn. Loop (4.0 miles) (’21)

β˜’ Tall Trees Grove Loop (3.3 miles) (’19)

β˜’ The Syncline Loop (8.2 miles) (’22)

β˜’ Zion Narrows (8.0 miles) (’22)

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Trails

β˜’ Avalanche Pass/Lake Trail (9.5 miles) (’21)

β˜’ Black Elk Peak Trail (6.6 miles) (’19)

β˜’ Cascade Canyon (12.4 miles) (’22)

β˜’ Chapel Loop (9.4 miles) (’19)

β˜’ Delicate Arch Trail (2.5 miles) (’22)

β˜’ Dog Mountain (6.5 miles) (’19)

β˜’ Misery Ridge and River Trail (4.0 miles) (’19)

β˜’ Mt Mansfield via Long & Cliff (5.5 miles) (’21)

β˜’ Porcupine Mountains (19.5 miles) (’21)

β˜’ Storm Castle Peak (5.2 miles) (’22)

⭐⭐⭐ Trails

β˜’ Big Moose Mountain (4.4 miles) (’21)

β˜’ Bridal Veil Falls Trail (4.8 miles) (’20)

β˜’ Capitol Gorge (3.8 miles) (’22)

β˜’ Cohab Canyon / Hickman Bridge (5.5 miles) (’22)

β˜’ Drift Creek Falls (2.6 miles) (’22)

β˜’ Gibraltar Rock – IAT Segment (14.5 miles) (’21)

β˜’ Governor Dodge Loop Trail (11.3 miles) (’20)

β˜’ Holy Hill – IAT Segment (14.2 miles) (’20)

β˜’ Kettle Moraine N. Unit – IAT (30+ miles) (’20)

β˜’ Lucifer Falls via Gorge Trail (3.3 miles) (’21)

β˜’ Mesa Arch (0.7 miles) (’22)

β˜’ Mount Washburn (7.0 miles) (’19)

β˜’ Paulina Lake (3.0 miles) (’19)

β˜’ Point Beach – IAT Segment (9.5 miles) (’20)

β˜’ Rainbow Falls (9.5 miles) (’19)

β˜’ Swamp Canyon (4.4 miles) (’22)

β˜’ Trail of Ten Falls (7.6 miles) (’19)

β˜’ Valley & Beech South Ridge Trail (3.6 miles) (’21)

⭐⭐ Trails

β˜’ Bingham Falls (0.9 miles) (’21)

β˜’ Cape Lookout Trail (4.7 miles) (’19)

β˜’ Eagle Bluff Loop (4.1 miles) (’19)

β˜’ Grouse Creek Trail (5.5 miles) (’20)

β˜’ Lakeshore Trail – Meyers Beach (7.0 miles) (’20)

β˜’ Lava River Cave Trail (0.25 miles) (’19)

β˜’ Lodi Marsh Trail – IAT Segment (8.8 miles) (’20)

β˜’ Morgan Falls & St. Pete’s Dome (3.8 miles) (’20)

β˜’ Mount Kineo (3.3 miles) (’21)

β˜’ Ruby Anthracite Trail (6.2 miles) (’20)

β˜’ The Grand Wash (5.3 miles) (’22)

β˜’ Wildcat Mountain Loop (8.3 miles) (’20)

⭐ Trails

There is no such thing as a 1-star trail. Being outside immediately starts you above that!


I want to try climbing all different types of mountains.Β If hiking is favorite hobby, reaching the summit of a mountain is my favorite feeling of accomplishment.

(SHP) designated a USA State High Point. Mountain links will take you to Peakbagger.

Mountains I have climbed

β˜’ Mount ElbertΒ  (14,440 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Mount Evans (14,264 ft)

β˜’ Mt. of the Holy Cross (14,011 ft)

β˜’ Kings Peak (13,534 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Wheeler Peak (13,167 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Humphreys Peak (12,637 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Mount Washburn (10,243 ft)

β˜’ Bear Peak (8,461 ft)

β˜’ Harney Peak (7,244 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Storm Castle Peak (7,165 ft)

β˜’ Mount Mitchell (6,684 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Clingmans Dome (6,643 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Mount Le Conte (6,593 ft)

β˜’ Mount Washington (6,288 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Mount Rogers (5,729 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Panorama Point (5,427 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Mount Marcy (5,343 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Mount Katahdin (5,270 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Black Mesa (4,975 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Spruce Knob (4,863 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Brasstown Bald (4,784 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Mount Mansfield (4,395 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Black Mountain (4,145 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Mount Sunflower (4,041 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Sassafras Mountain (3,560 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ White Butte (3,508 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Mount Greylock (3,489 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Hoye-Crest (3,360 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Mt. Davis (3,213 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Big Moose Mountain (3,195 ft)

β˜’ Mount Magazine (2,753 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Cheaha Mountain (2,413 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ South side of Mount Frissell (2,379 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Eagle Mountain (2,302 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Mount Arvon (1,979 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Timms Hill (1,951 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ High Point (1,803 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Mt. Kineo (1,788 ft)

β˜’ Taum Sauk Mountain (1,772 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Hawkeye Point (1,671 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Campbell Hill (1,549 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Cadillac Mountain (1,529 ft)

β˜’ Holy Hill (1,330 ft)

β˜’ Hoosier Hill (1,257 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Pemetic Mountain (1,246 ft)

β˜’ Charles Mound ( 1,235 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Lapham Peak (1,232 ft)

β˜’ Cave Ridge (920 ft)

β˜’ Beech Mountain (841 ft)

β˜’ Jerimoth Hill (811 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Woodall Mountain (807 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ South Bubble (766 ft)

β˜’ Acadia Mountain (680 ft)

β˜’ Saint Sauveur Mountain (680 ft)

β˜’ Driskill Mountain (535 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Ebright Azimuth (447 ft) (SHP)

β˜’ Britton Hill (345 ft) (SHP)

Mountains I would love to climb



I want to try all 77 of the official IBA Cocktails.

☐ Alexander

☐ Americano

☐ Angel Face

☐ Aviation

☐ Barracuda

☐ Bee’s Knees

☐ Bellini

☐ Between the Sheets

☐ Black Russian

☐ Bloody Mary

☐ Boulevardier

☐ Bramble

☐ Brandy Crusta

☐ Caipirinha

☐ Canchanchara

☐ Casino

☐ Champaign Cocktail

☐ Clover Club

☐ Corpse Reviver #2

☐ Cosmopolitan

☐ Cuba Libre

☐ Daiquiri

☐ Dark N Stormy

☐ Dirty Martini

☐ Dry Martini

☐ Espresso Martini

☐ Fernandito

☐ French 75

☐ French Connection

☐ French Martini

☐ Gin Fizz

☐ Golden Dream

☐ Grasshopper

☐ Hanky Panky

☐ Hemingway Special

☐ Horses Neck

☐ Illegal

☐ Irish Coffee

☐ John Collins

☐ Kir

☐ Last Word

☐ Lemon Drop Martini

☐ Long Island Iced Tea

☐ Mai Tai

☐ Manhattan

☐ Margarita

☐ Martinez

☐ Mary Pickford

☐ Mimosa

☐ Mint Julep

☐ Mojito

☐ Monkey Gland

☐ Moscow Mule

☐ Naked and Famous

☐ Negroni

☐ New York Sour

☐ Old Cuban

☐ Old Fashioned

☐ Paloma

☐ Paper Plane

☐ Paradise

☐ Penicillin

☐ Pina Colada

☐ Pisco Sour

☐ Planters Punch

☐ Porto Flip

☐ Ramos Gin Fizz

☐ Russian Spring Punch

☐ Rusty Nail

☐ Sazerac

☐ Sea Breeze

☐ Sex On the Beach

☐ Sidecar

☐ Singapore Sling

☐ Southside

☐ Spicy Fifty

☐ Spritz

☐ Stinger

☐ Suffering Bastard

☐ Tequila Sunrise

☐ Tipperary

☐ Tommys Margarita

☐ Trinidad Sour

☐ Tuxedo

☐ Vesper


☐ Vieux Carre

☐ Whiskey Sour

☐ White Lady

☐ Yellow Bird

☐ Zombie

Former official IBA CocktailsΒ that I still want to try.

☐ B 52

☐ Bacardi

☐ Derby

☐ Dirty Martini

☐ Godfather

☐ Godmother

☐ Harvey Wallbanger

☐ Kamikaze

☐ Rose

☐ Screwdriver

☐ Vampiro

πŸ‡ says there are over 2,000 different fruits in the world. I want to try as many as possible.

I’m also documenting which fruits I liked from 1 – 5 stars.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fruits

β˜’ Black Raspberry

β˜’ Blackberry

β˜’ Pineapple

β˜’ Pomegranate

β˜’ Raspberry

β˜’ White grapefruit

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Fruits

β˜’ Blueberry

β˜’ Boysenberry

β˜’ Braeburn apple

β˜’ Clementine

β˜’ Elderberry

β˜’ Granny Smith apple

β˜’ Red grapes

⭐⭐⭐ Fruits

β˜’ Black grapes

β˜’ Cherries

β˜’ Gala apples

β˜’ Golden Berries

β˜’ Golden Delicious apples

β˜’ Green grapes

β˜’ Limes

β˜’ McIntosh apples

β˜’ Papaya

β˜’ Passion Fruit

β˜’ Peaches

β˜’ Strawberries

⭐⭐ Fruits

β˜’ Apricots

β˜’ Avocados

β˜’ Bananas

β˜’ Cantaloupe

β˜’ Cranberries

β˜’ Crispin apples

β˜’ Date Fruit

β˜’ Fuji apples

β˜’ Guava

β˜’ Honeycrisp apples

β˜’ Honeydew Melon

β˜’ Jackfruit

β˜’ Kiwi

β˜’ Kumquat

β˜’ Mangoes

β˜’ Nectarines

β˜’ Oranges

β˜’ Pears

β˜’ Plums

β˜’ Red Delicious apples

β˜’ Star Fruit

β˜’ Tangerines

⭐ Fruits

β˜’ Black Olives

β˜’ Breadfruit

β˜’ Coconut

β˜’ Dragon Fruit

β˜’ Green Olives

β˜’ Tomatoes

β˜’ Watermelon


I do not think of myself as a foodie, but I do love trying different foods.Β 

Here’s a running list of some of the food items or restaurants I would love to try.

Food/restaurants I have tried

β˜’ Milk straight from a coconut

β˜’ Old-timey rail car diner

β˜’ Drink at a distillery

β˜’ Drink at a brewery

β˜’ Eat a meal cooked by a famous chef

β˜’ Eat alone at a restaurant

β˜’ Crickets

β˜’ Bone Marrow

β˜’ Cactus

β˜’ Elk

β˜’ Foie gras

β˜’ Pigs feet

β˜’ Philly cheesesteak in Philly

β˜’ Create my own cocktail

β˜’ Make a pizza from scratch

Food/restaurants I would love to try

☐ Hot dog at Coney Island

☐ Eat at a 1-star Michelin restaurant

☐ Eat at a 2-star Michelin restaurant

☐ Eat at a 3-star Michelin restaurant

☐ Go wine tasting in California

☐ Go to France’s Champagne region

☐ Forage for wild mushrooms

☐ Extract honey from a beehive

☐ Have a wine collection

☐ Go to T.G.I. Friday’s on a Friday

☐ Ahi poke

☐ Alligator

☐ Ants

☐ Beef tongue

☐ Bird nest soup

☐ Century egg

☐ Cheeks

☐ Chicken feet

☐ Dim sum

☐ Frickles

☐ Green tuna fruit

☐ Haggis

☐ Head cheese

☐ Heart

☐ Lamb tongue

☐ Mochi

☐ Pigeon

☐ Rabbit

☐ Reindeer

☐ Scrapple

☐ Snake

☐ Wild boar

☐ Yak

☐ Tripe


Outside of hiking and climbing, here a few other athletic feats I would love to pursue.

Athletic goals I would love to accomplish

☐ Run a 5K

☐ Run a 10K

☐ Run a half marathon

☐ Run a marathon

☐ Complete 40 consecutive pull-ups

☐ Complete 100 consecutive push-ups

☐ Run a mile under 6 minutes

☐ Go on a multi-day bike ride

☐ Bike 100 miles in a single day

☐ Participate in a triathalon

☐ Climb to the top of a rope in a gym

☐ Complete an adventure run

☐ Go a week drinking only water

☐ Do a muscle-up

☐ Complete a GORUCK challenge


Sharing experiences with others is a special thing. Here are a few event based experiences I wouldn’t mind having.

Memorable events I have attended

β˜’ MLB game Β (1,Β 50,Β 100)

β˜’ NBA game

β˜’ NFL game

β˜’ Professional soccer game

β˜’ Midnight release of a movie

β˜’ Cirque de Soleil

β˜’ Ringling Bros. Circus

β˜’ Blue Man Group

β˜’ Boston Marathon

Memorable events I would love to attend

☐ Olympics

☐ NHL game

☐ Red carpet film premier

☐ Art gallery opening

☐ TED Talk

☐ Broadway performance on Broadway

☐ Overammergau Passion Play

☐ Opera in Sydney

☐ Vivaldi’s Four Seasons live

☐ Beethoven’s 5th and 9th Symphonies live

☐ Performance at the Globe Theater

☐ Wimbledon

☐ Kentucky Derby

☐ Grand Ole Opry in Nashville


There are lots of things I want to do simply because at some point in time I wrote them down. Here they are!

Miscellaneous things I have done

β˜’ Witness a total solar eclipse

β˜’ Build a house of cards

β˜’ Learn sign language

β˜’ Solve a Rubik’s cube

β˜’ Learn to pick a lock

β˜’ Go whale watching

β˜’ Hike on the Appalachian Trail

β˜’ Canoe the Boundary Waters

β˜’ Spend a night in a haunted place

β˜’ Be on a jumbotron at a stadium

β˜’ Walk across the Mississippi River

β˜’ Walk behind a waterfall

β˜’ Hold a tarantula

β˜’ Go rock climbing

β˜’ Visit a shipwreck

β˜’ Send a message in a bottle

β˜’ Have a star named after me

β˜’ Meet someone famous

β˜’ Go in a hot tub outside during winter

β˜’ Own an original piece of artwork

β˜’ Donate blood

β˜’ Have a life-changing conversation with a stranger

β˜’ Ride a mattress down a staircase

β˜’ Ice skate in NYC during the holidays

β˜’ Make a blanket fort with a loved one

β˜’ Pan for gold in a river

β˜’ Help someone cross an item off their bucket list

β˜’ Build a domino run

β˜’ Start a fire without matches

β˜’ Teach a class

β˜’ Watch fireworks from a boat

Miscellaneous things I would love to do

☐ Find a four leaf clover

☐ See Halley’s Comet

☐ Meet Taylor Swift

☐ Have my name appear on Wikipedia

☐ Meet my doppleganger

☐ Meet someone with my same name

☐ Put change in someone’s expired meter

☐ Pay the bridge toll for someone behind me

☐ Drive a zamboni

☐ Coin a word

☐ Find a pearl in an oyster

☐ Create a family crest

☐ Do 24 hours of silence

☐ Make a hole-in-one

☐ Be a member of an exclusive club

☐ Slide down a firehouse pole

☐ Shake hands with a U.S. president

☐ Participate in jury duty

☐ Watch a live rocket launch

☐ Belong to a secret society

☐ Change clothes in a phone booth

☐ Own a large book collection

☐ Receive a standing ovation

☐ Stay in a lighthouse

☐ Take underwater photos

☐ Bury something to rediscover in the future

☐ Appear in a TV news broadcast

☐ Collect a penny for every year I’ve lived

☐ Kiss on top of a ferris wheel

☐ Spend the night in a covered wagon

☐ Be an extra in a Hollywood film

☐ Go horseback riding on a beach

☐ See a double rainbow

☐ Travel down the Mississippi River

☐ Witness a meteor shower in the desert

☐ Hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim

☐ Ride 100 different roller coasters (44/100)

☐ Hunt for Bigfoot

☐ See the aspen trees turning yellow

☐ Locate a moon tree

☐ Visit a black sand beach

☐ Visit a pink sand beach

☐ Stay in a tee-pee motel

☐ Swim in the world’s largest pool

☐ Stay in an overwater bungalow

☐ Learn to jump on a pogo stick

☐ Learn Morse Code

☐ Learn to fold origami

☐ Go scuba diving

☐ Memorize a poem

☐ Learn to say “hello” in 10 languages

☐ Learn to say “thank you” in 10 languages

☐ Learn to Ballroom dance

☐ Walk 50 feet on a slackline

☐ Go fly fishing


Things I want to read at some point in my life…


I want to read lots of books. The best stories I know are from books and I’ve also learned so much about the world around me due to my love of reading. 20-30 books per year is always my goal.

I’m going to start doing a better job of tracking the books I’m reading on Goodreads.

Authors I want to read more from

☐ Plato

☐ Aristotle

☐ William Shakespeare

☐ Mark Twain

☐ Leo Tolstoy

☐ Earnest Hemingway

☐ Jane Austen

☐ John Steinbeck

☐ Edgar Allan Poe

☐ Franz Kafka

☐ Virginia Woolf

☐ William Faulkner

☐ James Joyce

☐ Fyodor Dostoevsky