John Rutledge House Inn


This is going to be a difficult article to write. How do you summarize your thoughts about the single place where the following occurred…

  • It’s where I fell in love with soon-to-be wife on New Year’s Day 2018
  • It’s where I proposed to my soon-to-be wife on New Year’s Day 2019
  • It’s where, pre-Covid, we had intended our wedding ceremony to take place
  • It’s where I first discovered Historic Hotels Worldwide and its unique mission.

Needless to say, it’s a place that holds a significant value in my personal life and will always be more than just “a hotel” to me.

Yet I imagine even a first time visitor would agree that there’s a certain magic that radiates from every inch of this property.

The hotel was originally built in 1763 for John Rutledge. Notably known for being the Governor of South Carolina and being one of the signers of the U.S. Constitution.

History is everywhere on this property. Upon our first visit, we were made aware that we were staying in the “Cannonball Room.” Aptly noted because the third story room was struck by a cannonball during the American Civil War. 

John Rutledge House #3 - Evan Nickel
In this image the Cannonball Room is visible on the upper floor on the far right.

In 1973 the house was declared a National Historic Landmark, and sixteen years later in 1989, it was converted into an inn.

Today, when visiting, you will find yourself surrounded by period antiques and amenities that make things feel simultaneously charming and luxurious. 

The complimentary breakfast is diverse and delicious. As is the complimentary evening drink of brandy, port, or sherry. 

John Rutledge House Inn #1 - Evan Nickel

The hotel itself is located right in the heart of the Charleston Historic District within walking distance of wonderful food, shopping, and views of the city harbor.

There are so many renowned lodging options in the city of Charleston. Yet, somehow I know we’ll be back time and time again to the John Rutledge House Inn.

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