I’m a Bike Person Now

May 7, 2021

I bought a bike. 

It looks like this.

I know nothing about bikes, but it appears to be a Schwinn Frontier. For some reason, I always thought Schwinn was synonymous with quality and that’s why when I saw it on Craigslist nearby for $100, I drove right over and picked it up.

My favorite thing is that it came with a little speedometer that actually seems quite accurate. 

Since getting this bike I’ve ridden more miles in the last two weeks that I had in the previous decade combined. My initial observation is that bike riding is hard. Shannon is able to ride circles around me and it takes all my energy to get up the smallest of hills.

Perhaps in my frugalness I bought a bicycle that had a frame a bit on the small side. But equally as likely is that I need to get into bike riding shape and also to figure out how those damn gear shifters work.