Horseshoe Bend


When I think of an “Instagram destination”, I think of Horsehoe Bend. It conjures up in my brain the image of way too many influencers and non-influencers alike jostling for “the shot”.

When you actually get there, however, it all makes perfect sense. Horseshoe Bend is a spectacularly beautiful place. 

Horseshoe Bend #1 - Evan Nickel

We arrived soon after the parking lot opened and already a steady stream of tourists were making the 0.75-mile hike down to the viewing area. 

There’s a railing that hugs the cliff in one section, but a few steps off the trail and you get the unblocked, raw view of the canyon and the Colorado River rolling along below.

Despite not feeling “alone” in the wilderness, as Shannon and myself often prefer, it was impossible to deny the way the river, the canyon walls, and the bluest of blue skies made for a breathtaking vista.

Horseshoe Bend #3 - Evan Nickel

There are thousands of places like this in the world. Places that have that unique mix of magic and mystique.

I doubt I will feel the need to return to this exact place, but I’m thrilled I got to experience it this one time.

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