I am setting goals publically for accountability and long-term documentation.

These are my goals. Here is what I’m doing now.


🏠 Buy a property and/or house

My biggest life goal for the year is to find the right place to make our home and further plant roots in our local community. Whether that right place ends up being an existing house or a parcel of land in which we can build something new is still TBD.

🏃 Exercise 300+ days

Focus is not on distance or length of time but rather frequent movement. Hiking, biking, or simply walking around the block all qualify.                                                                             


📚 Read 30+ books

Read books that educate, inspire, or entertain. In 2021 I read 37 books.


✏️ Write 30+ minutes per day

I want to get better at writing and the best way to do so is through consistent practice. No established word limit, just a block of uninterrupted time to journal or focus on my other writing projects.


🥂 2x month date night with Shan

The intentional setting aside of time to talk, laugh and smile with my favorite person. Furthermore, our restaurant list is never-ending.


👏 Appreciate more

My word for 2022 is appreciate. The appreciation of life, the people I am surrounded by and the opportunities I have available to me. But also an appreciation for the less obvious things. The way the wind whistles through the trees or the distinct smell of an old book. The list is endless and that in of itself is something I want to take time and energy to better appreciate.

I’m also going to use this space as a running list of the things I appreciate as I go through the year.

  • Waking up fresh from a power nap  (January 1)
  • Drivers who use turn signals on the interstate (January 2)
  • Having a clean desk on your first day back at work (January 3) 
  • Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History podcast (January 4)
  • When your cat allows you to sleep in (January 5)
  • When the grocery store has fresh raspberries in stock (January 6)
  • Green tea in the mid-afternoon (January 7)
  • Learning how to play a new board game (January 8)
  • When the sun hits the snow and glistens (January 9)
  • Starting a new book after reading a bad book (January 10)
  • Listening to a really good Ted Talk (January 11)
  • Grammarly (January 12)
  • Finding a new restaurant that feels like home (January 13)
  • Cashews (January 14)
  • Josh Ruben’s impressions on Game Changer (January 15)
  • Boozy Tea from Owl’s Brew (January 16)
  • Actually having time to reflect upon something important (January 17)
  • When snow has that good crunch sound when you walk on it (January 18)
  • Getting the ratio of water and lemon juice just right (January 19)