February 2024 Recap

Getting warmed up

In a now semi-familiar routine, the first week of February is dominated by Shannon and I preparing for the Super Bowl. For her that means going to the site of the game, Las Vegas this year, and helping bring the décor experience to life. For me it was aligning talent for a campaign that launched over the weekend on behalf of Target.

What was nice is that this year by the time Sunday afternoon came around we were able to get together with friends and watch the game. And it was a good game too! We even had the time to try a new Monkey Bread recipe. Which turned out to be better in appearance than taste. Our appetizer game needs some work.

The most frequent visitor to our bird feeder

The weather was unusually warm all month. Multiple days well above 60 degrees and we even hit 70. On one hand, this means more time outside, on the other it’s a scary indicator that the climate is changing. Dramatically.

Shannon and I still felt obliged to take advantage of what weather card we were dealt and got in our first decent hike of the year and made a concerted effort to get in a daily walk around the neighborhood. I cherish these walks. In many ways the foundation of our relationship was established due to a routine of daily walks and I never tire of just being outside with Shannon and talking about everything and nothing. I’m hopeful this won’t be a short-lived trend and that we’ll dedicate more time to these walks even as our lives get busier with the natural ebbs and flows of our time.

Scenes from our first real hike of 2024

I have been spending a lot of time this month thinking about my online brand. Trying to map out what it currently is. Thinking about what I want it to be. Determining how I can better show up in a way that has a lasting impact.

My full media diet log can be found here. My favorite book I read in February was Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. My favorite film I watched in February was The Holdovers. I adored that movie. I also watched the new live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender and liked it. Not sure if that will be a popular opinion.

Evan 👋