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EvanNickel.com is a website/blog aimed at helping people discover the power of goals.  Its goal (ironic) is to show that living an intentional, goal-based-lifestyle will provide a greater sense of purpose in one’s daily life.

What ISN’T EvanNickel.com?

EvanNickel.com is NOT one of those self-help, psychology blogs.

Who is Evan Nickel?

That would be me, hi.  I am a 24-year-old young professional who has an obsession with goals.  You can learn more than you would ever want to know about me over on this page.

I’m new here, what should I do first?

Check out this page and follow the steps.

What does _______ mean?

I have a thing for making up words or other phrases that may only make sense in my brain.  That’s why I created a glossary that will hopefully define something you might be curious about.

I have a question you didn’t answer here…

Use this contact page and ask away.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]