Daily Ventures

This page is dedicated to sharing the ins & outs of my approach to adventure. I call it Daily Ventures.

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Introduction to Daily Ventures

I believe that everyone has a bit of adventurer in them. A desire to turn off the screens, step outside, and tangibly explore and experience the world around us.

When we think of adventurers, we think of brave people going to far-off places where they are challenged physically and mentally to survive.

If you are like me, you daydream about what those adventures might be like. But for me, and many others, that’s not going to be part of my life. I live a much more stable existence with a wonderful wife, a full-time job, and responsibilities that keep me busy most days.

I love my life, and I’m in no desire to throw it away for a “real adventure.”

And yet… the adventurer in me craves something more and that’s where daily ventures come in.

If you do a search on Google for the word “venture” most of the results have to do with venture capitalists. The people investing gobs of money into potentially high reward startup companies. This has nothing to do with that except for the investing piece. I believe that if you invest a tiny bit of your most important resource, time, into these ventures, you will be better for it.

Unlike venture capitalists, there is no risk involved. Instead, think of this as your index fund. Not the flashiest, most attractive approach, but you are guaranteed to have a return on your investment over the long run. In the form of experiences had, memories cultivated, and a stronger appreciation for the world around you.


At its core, daily ventures is about infusing adventure into your normal life. 

A good daily venture allows you to:

  • Step beyond your daily routine
  • Learn something new
  • Get closer to the world around you

A good daily venture does not require:

  • Lots of time
  • Lots of money
  • Previously honed skills


Here’s a list of daily ventures ideas. Bookmark this page and check back often. I plan to update with new ideas all the time.

  1. Plant a tree
  2. Experience a sunrise
  3. Experience a sunset
  4. Find a favorite star in the sky
  5. Observe an animal from an appropriate distance
  6. Try a new food to you
  7. Climb a tree
  8. Cross a stream
  9. Create a route
  10. Find a new place
  11. Make a piece of nature art
  12. Walk to the nearest place of agriculture
  13. Find the nearest flowing water source and see where it goes
  14. Learn to tie a useful knot
  15. Learn to build a fire without a match or lighter
  16. Talk to someone at your nearest historical society
  17. Learn about the soil underneath your feet
  18. Pick up trash along a local trail or road
  19. Find and climb the highest point in your region
  20. See how much elevation you can climb in a single day
  21. See how far you can walk/run in a single day
  22. Swim around or across a lake
  23. Cook a quality breakfast/lunch/dinner over a fire
  24. Learn how to forage
  25. Visit all the natural areas of your region without utilizing a motor
  26. Go on a night hike
  27. See how far you can travel from home without spending any money
  28. Research the oldest building in your region and go visit it
  29. Spend the night in a tree
  30. Participate in a citizen science project
  31. Find animal tracks and identify them
  32. Learn to read a topographic map