Climbing Every Wisconsin Summit

I continue to spend increased amounts of time thinking about Daily Ventures. This new concept I’m ideating around that places emphasis on infusing everyday life with adventure. 

Yet, at the same time, I’m looking to do something a bit more ambitious. 

Recently I was messing around on, as one does, and noticed that in their extensive database there was no list of every single peak in my home state of Wisconsin. So I generated my own custom query on the site and it spit out a list of 182 peaks. 

I know Wisconsin topography quite well and a quick scroll told me that this list was not comprehensive of all named peaks. But this got me really thinking about how many total peaks there were and what approach could I utilize to get to a more accurate list.

I turned to the people who have spent the most time surveying this state – the U.S. government. More specifically, the good people at the USGS who have publically made available their Geographic Names Information System.

When you use the tool to query the state of Wisconsin for all “summits” you get a list of 314 named peaks. Which I then plotted out on the below map.

Still debating if this is going to be my next adventure, but as of this moment, I’m thinking yes.

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