Bucket List

Introduction to my Bucket List

This list started with humble beginnings.  In fact, the very first version was written on a piece of paper at my kitchen table when I was 14 years old. As I’ve grown up, so too has this list.  I’ve deleted many items over the years and replaced them with even more.  By the time I published it online it had ballooned into one of the largest bucket lists on the internet.

This list serves two primary purposes. First to remind me of all the amazing things that life has to offer if I’m willing to step outside and try new things.  Secondly, and more importantly, it’s purpose is to do the same for you. So get inspired and join me in living the #BucketListLife.

Status (as of February 1, 2018)

53/407   (13% complete)

My Personal Rules for this Bucket List:

 1. I can add a new item at any time.

If I hear of a cool place or if someone tells me about an awesome adventure, it goes on the list (I’d love to hear about them in the comments!)

 2. I can add an item to the list and immediately cross it off.

Often the best experiences in life happen unexpectedly without advanced planning. If something unanticipated happens, it can immediately go on the list and immediately be crossed off.

 3. I can remove an item at any time.

Life changes. Priorities change. If I see something on this list that no longer interests me in any way, it immediately goes away.

 4. I cannot get upset if I fail to accomplish everything on this list.

This list represents all my ambitions in life. I’m a really ambitious person and I acknowledge to cross everything off this list is an enormous undertaking. This list is to help me reach my goals. It will not stand as a reminder of my failures.

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✔  means I’ve completed this goal

The Top 10 (most important goals in my life)

  1. Meet the love of my life
  2. Marry the love of my life
  3. Have children with the love of my life
  4. Create a home with an inviting, comfortable, loving atmosphere
  5. Witness and be present at significant moments of my child’s life
  6. Live long enough to meet my grandchildren
  7. Always be there for my parents
  8. Make a difference in the life of (one, five, ten) people
  9. Visit the moon
  10. Meet Taylor Swift

Lifestyle Goals

  1. Stop procrastinating
  2. Become proactive
  3. Learn how to listen actively
  4. Study/improve my body language
  5. Increase personal willpower
  6. Run a 5k
  7. Run a 10k
  8. Run a half marathon
  9. Run a marathon
  10. Complete 40 consecutive pull-ups
  11. Complete 100 consecutive push-ups
  12. Run a mile in under 5 minutes

Places to Visit

  1. Step foot in all 50 U.S. States  (48/50)
  2. Washington D.C. ✔
  3. New York City ✔
  4. Seattle ✔
  5. San Fransisco ✔
  6. Savannah, GA 
  7. Boston ✔
  8. Los Angeles
  9. Las Vegas ✔
  10. London
  11. Tokyo
  12. Beijing
  13. Hong Kong
  14. Paris
  15. Norway
  16. Rio De Janerio
  17. Blue Lagoon – Iceland
  18. Ik Kil – Mexico
  19. Machu Picchu – Peru
  20. Japanese Tunnel of Lights
  21. Singapore
  22. Platform 9 3/4 – London
  23. Hobbit Huts – New Zealand
  24. Arc du Triomphe – France
  25. Hana – Hawaii
  26. Glory Hole at Monticello Dam
  27. The Hell Hole – Karakum Desert
  28. Beachy Head Chalk Cliff
  29. Irish Sky Garden
  30. Natural History Museum in London
  31. Anne Frank’s house
  32. Dome on the Rock – Jerusalem
  33. Montana Magica Lodge
  34. Giza, Egypt
  35. Dubai – United Arab Emirates
  36. Auschwitz – Poland
  37. Stonehenge – England
  38. Eiffel Tower – France
  39. Taj Mahal – India
  40. Vatican City
  41. Easter Island
  42. Great Wall of China
  43. Ground Zero – New York City ✔
  44. Horseshoe Bend
  45. Any black sand beach
  46. Dealey Plaza
  47. Petra
  48. The Galapagos Islands
  49. Easter Island
  50. The Louvre
  51. The British Museum
  52. The National Gallery in London
  53. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo
  54. The Art Institute of Chicago ✔
  55. The National Air and Space Museum ✔
  56. The Holocaust Memorial Museum ✔
  57. The Newseum
  58. Cape Canaveral ✔
  59. The NASA Museum/control center in Houston
  60. The Grand Canyon ✔
  61. Niagara Falls ✔
  62. The Dead Sea
  63. Churchill Downs ✔
  64. Fort Knox ✔
  65. The Four Corners
  66. Abbey Road Crosswalk
  67. Jay Walker’s library
  68. Club 33 at Disney Land
  69. Powell’s Bookstore

Adventures to Experience

  1. Free dive with giant sea turtles
  2. Hug a sloth
  3. Go horseback riding on a beach
  4. Look for Bigfoot
  5. Feed a Koala Bear
  6. Hold a tarantula
  7. Go dog-sledding
  8. Spend a night in a haunted place
  9. Claim an undiscovered island
  10. Go on a road trip ✔
  11. Ride in a double-decker bus
  12. Climb the 50 state high points  (36/50)
  13. Kiss on top of a ferris wheel
  14. See a double rainbow ✔
  15. Be an extra in a Hollywood film
  16. See Halley’s Comet
  17. Feed a giraffe
  18. Go snowkiting
  19. Go volcano boarding
  20. Go white-water rafting
  21. Ride a jet ski ✔
  22. Go rock climbing ✔
  23. Abseil down the Gaping-Gill
  24. Canoe the Boundary Waters ✔
  25. Travel down the Mississippi River
  26. Walk across the Mississippi River
  27. Swim in the Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve
  28. Walk across the Capilano Suspension Bridge
  29. Hike Tour de Mont Blanc
  30. Hike the Torres del Plaine Circut
  31. Hike the Kalalau trail
  32. Hike the Tiger Leaping Gorge
  33. Hike the Inca Trail
  34. Hike the Annapurna Circut
  35. Hike the Tongariro Northern Circut
  36. Go kloofing
  37. Complete a 5/5 star geocache
  38. Visit the titanic in a submarine
  39. Enter the Cage of Death
  40. Go jetleving
  41. Ride the world’s largest ferris wheel(s)
  42. Take a canopy tour
  43. Witness a meteor shower in the desert
  44. Hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim
  45. See Old Faithful erupt ✔
  46. Swim in Devil’s pool
  47. Swim under the waterfalls at Plitvice
  48. Swim in the Blue Grotto
  49. Drive the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible
  50. Swim in the Infinity Pool (Marina Bay Sands) Singapore
  51. Swim in the Great Blue Hole
  52. Spend a night at the Ice Hotel in Quebec
  53. Explore a real castle
  54. Walk behind a waterfall ✔
  55. Travel along the Wild Atlantic Way
  56. Ride a gondola in Venice while wearing a mask
  57. Kiss on a gondola at sunset under the Bridge of Sighs
  58. Jump in a taxi and yell “Follow that car!” in NYC
  59. Ride 100 different roller coasters  (44/100)
  60. Visit a glow worm cave
  61. Swim in the Bioluminescent Bay of Vieques Island, Puerto Rico
  62. Ride in a Zorb Ball
  63. Witness a Total Solar Eclipse
  64. Ride Insanity at Las Vegas
  65. Play Quidditch
  66. Hike on the Appalachian Trail ✔
  67. Drive on the Autobahn
  68. Dive in a submarine
  69. Fly in a glider
  70. Fly in a hot air balloon
  71. Fly in a blimp
  72. Circumnavigate the globe
  73. Experience 24 hours of daylight in Alaska
  74. Ride Insano at Beach Park
  75. Stand on Kjeragbolten Rock
  76. Visit Salar de Uyuni during the rainy season
  77. See the Terra Cotta warriors and horses
  78. Go to the tree tunnel at Ballynoe
  79. Explore the Catacombs of Paris
  80. Swim in the world’s largest pool
  81. Stay in a tee-pee motel
  82. Climb Ayer’s Rock
  83. Swim in the Great Barrier Reef
  84. Climb the 54  14ers in Colorado
  85. Visit all 58 National Park (20/58)
  86. See the firefly squids glow (Japan)
  87. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  88. Wine tasting in California
  89. Swim in every ocean (2/4)
  90. Ride in a tuk tuk
  91. Experience weightlessness
  92. Wrap a snake around my neck
  93. Watch fireworks from a boat on a lake
  94. Go tornado/storm chasing
  95. Drive through a dust storm
  96. Airboat across an alligator-infested swamp
  97. Navigate a personal underwater sub
  98. Hug a Redwood ✔
  99. See the salmon run
  100. Sleep in a barn on a haystack
  101. Sleep in an igloo ✔
  102. Whale watching
  103. Go skinny dipping ✔
  104. Yodel on a remote mountain top
  105. Fly in the Goodyear Blimp
  106. Cross the tallest bridges in the world
  107. Go to a Renaissance festival ✔
  108. Black Friday shopping ✔
  109. Walk the Coiling Dragon Cliff Skywalk
  110. Bungee jumping
  111. Take a random flight at an airport
  112. Experience 25 different kinds of transportation
  113. Explore an abandoned amusement park
  114. The CN Tower Edge Walk
  115. Go kitesurfing
  116. Go cavern diving
  117. Go sailing on the ocean in a wooden ship

Things to Eat/Drink

  1. Drink fresh milk from a coconut
  2. Taste 200 different fruits
  3. Eat at the Heart Attack Grill
  4. Eat in an old-timey rail car diner
  5. Hot dog at Coney Island
  6. Ahi poke
  7. Ants
  8. Beef tongue
  9. Bird nest soup
  10. Bone marrow
  11. Cactus
  12. Century egg
  13. Cheeks
  14. Chicken feet
  15. Dim sum
  16. Elk
  17. Foie gras
  18. Frickles
  19. Green Tuna Fruit
  20. Haggis
  21. Head cheese
  22. Heart
  23. Lamb tongue
  24. Lamb brains
  25. Lambs rump
  26. Mochi
  27. Pigeon
  28. Pigs feet
  29. Rabbit
  30. Reindeer
  31. Scrapple
  32. Snake
  33. Wild Boar
  34. Yak
  35. Tripe
  36. Create my own cocktail
  37. Drink at a distillery ✔
  38. Eat a meal cooked by a celebrity chef
  39. Eat a molecular gastronomy dinner
  40. Eat alone at a restaurant ✔
  41. Extract honey from a beehive
  42. Hunt for wild mushrooms
  43. Dine on the Champs-Elysees
  44. Have a wine collection
  45. Go to T.G.I. Friday’s on a Friday
  46. Eat at a 5 star restaurant
  47. Deep fried Oreo
  48. Philly Cheesecake in Philly
  49. Try 50 different kinds of beer
  50. Sanyou Cave Hanging Cliff Restaurant

Skills to Master (or at least try)

  1. Solve a Rubik’s cube ✔
  2. Learn to jump on a pogo stick
  3. Take up gourmet cooking
  4. Learn how to do a wall flip
  5. Learn Morse Code
  6. Learn Sign Language ✔
  7. Fold origami
  8. Stick shift
  9. Ukulele
  10. Bagpipes
  11. Scuba diving
  12. Paddleboarding
  13. Curling
  14. Walking on stilts
  15. Chopsticks
  16. Memorize a poem
  17. Start a fire without matches
  18. Building a house of cards
  19. Building a domino run ✔
  20. Learn to say “hello” in 10 languages
  21. Learn to say “thank you” in 10 languages
  22. Ballroom dance
  23. Archery
  24. Daily meditation
  25. Do a muscle-up
  26. Learn some parkour moves
  27. Walk 50 feet on a slackline
  28. Complete a Tough Mudder
  29. Complete a Warrior Dash
  30. Complete a Spartan Race
  31. Complete a GORUCK Challenge

Miscellaneous / Bizarre

  1. Have my name appear on Wikipedia
  2. Meet my doppleganger
  3. Contact/meet someone with my same name
  4. Pay the bridge toll for the person behind me
  5. Put change into someone’s expired meter
  6. Drive a zamboni
  7. Send a care package to a soldier
  8. Have a star named after me
  9. Write something in wet cement
  10. Find a 4 leaf clover
  11. Bowl a turkey
  12. Buy a cup of coffee for a cold Salvation Army Bell Ringer
  13. Read the Bible cover-to-cover
  14. Be on a jumbotron at a stadium  ✔
  15. Build a sand sculpture ✔
  16. Coin a word
  17. Send a message in a bottle ✔
  18. Find a pearl in an oyster
  19. Finish a crossword puzzle without cheating
  20. Meet someone famous ✔
  21. Create a family logo
  22. Be in a commercial
  23. Take an improv class
  24. Do 24 hours of silence
  25. Teach a class
  26. Make a hole in one
  27. Own an original piece of artwork ✔
  28. Be a mentor
  29. Help someone with a check on their bucket list
  30. Be a member of an exclusive club
  31. Slide down a firehouse pole
  32. Entertain the elderly at a nursing home
  33. Shake hands with a U.S. President
  34. Be a contestant on a television game show
  35. Sponsor a child
  36. Participate in jury duty
  37. Cut a ribbon at a major opening
  38. Watch a live rocket launch
  39. Have a life-changing conversation with a complete stranger
  40. Watch the AFI 100 Greatest Movies of All-Time
  41. Watch all the movies that won the Oscar for best movie
  42. See everything by Stanley Kubrick
  43. See everything by Charlie Chaplin
  44. See everything by Alfred Hitchcock
  45. See everything by Orson Welles
  46. See everything by Wes Anderson
  47. See everything by the Coen Brothers
  48. See everything by Martin Scorsese
  49. See everything by Steven Spielberg
  50. See everything by David Fincher
  51. See everything by Christopher Nolan
  52. Read everything by Shakespeare
  53. Read everything by Malcolm Gladwell
  54. Read everything by F. Scott Fitzgerald
  55. Read everything by Stephen King
  56. Read everything by John Steinbeck
  57. Read everything by Ernest Hemingway
  58. Read everything by Robert Jordan
  59. Belong to a secret society
  60. Call someone, tell them to look out their window, and be standing outside ✔
  61. Change clothes in a phone booth
  62. Create a world map with pins of where I’ve been
  63. Do something absolutely spontaneous
  64. Go in a hot tub outside during winter
  65. Kick in a door
  66. Lay in a street in the middle of the night
  67. Leave a $100 tip
  68. Own a large book collection ✔
  69. Receive a standing ovation
  70. Ride a mattress down a staircase
  71. Send a letter to a random address
  72. Stay in a lighthouse

Events to Attend

  1. Attend the Olympics
  2. Attend an MLB game  (1, 50, 100, 500) ✔
  3. Attend an NBA game ✔
  4. Attend an NFL game ✔
  5. Attend an NHL game
  6. Attend a professional soccer game ✔
  7. See U2 in concert
  8. See Coldplay in concert
  9. See Imagine Dragons in concert ✔
  10. See Carrie Underwood in concert
  11. See Lorde in concert ✔
  12. Attend a Native American Pow Wow
  13. Take part in a sky lantern festival
  14. Attend a film premiere
  15. Attend the midnight release of a movie ✔
  16. Attend a gallery opening
  17. Get VIP passes to a show
  18. See a TED talk live
  19. Give a TED talk
  20. See the Lion King on Broadway
  21. See Les Miserables on Broadway
  22. See a Cirque de Soleil show ✔
  23. See a Ringling Bros. circus show ✔
  24. Attend the Overammergau Passion Play
  25. See an opera in Sydney
  26. Hear Vivaldi’s Four Seasons live
  27. Hear Beethovens 5th and 9th Symphonies live
  28. See a play at the Globe Theatre
  29. Attend a beach bonfire ✔
  30. Attend Wimbledon
  31. Mardi Gras in NOLA
  32. Carnival (Brazil)
  33. Blue Man Group
  34. SXSW
  35. Burning Man
  36. Running of the Bulls
  37. Tomatina
  38. Grand Ole Opry in Nashville

Business and Finance

  1. Write and publish a book
  2. Write my memoir
  3. Become proficient in HTML/CSS ✔
  4. Design a website ✔
  5. Start a blog ✔
  6. Get 1,000 subscribers
  7. Make $100,000 online
  8. Become a millionaire
  9. Help my parents retire early
  10. Google search my name and have 1 page of stuff

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