Hello, my name is Evan. Welcome to my personal website. 

I self-identify as an adventurer, writer and all-around life enthusiast from Wisconsin. 

This website is my place for keeping track of all the things that interest me.

Of which there are many.

Me in 30 Seconds

I’m a contradiction. It’s something I’ve struggled with throughout my first decade of adulthood.

  • I love eating pizza on the couch. I also love eating at Michelin star restaurants.
  • I love hiking/trekking in rough conditions. I also love getting pampered at 5-star hotels.
  • I love trying new things. I also love the dependableness of my routines.
  • I love numbers, lists, and tracking things. I also am really bad at math.
  • I love meeting awesome people. I also am often incredibly introverted.

As I said, I have had to figure out a way to live with these contradictions. Which means my life has taken on a certain unorthodox style.

But I’m okay with that. It’s simply me being authentically me.

So What Happens on this Website?

There’s been a few professions I’ve yearned for over the course of my life thus far. Archaeologist, travel planner, and journalist to name a few. I’ve always loved writing, traveling, and learning and you’ll see all those passions through what I publish on this website. 

My areas of focus will certainly change. However, I can confidently say the content on this website will most likely include some of the following categories.

  • Adventures: unique, often trivial, pursuits of a goal or mission in the hopes of better understanding the world or myself.
  • Lists: I have lots of lists that track what I’m experiencing or consuming. More than just a checklist, the focus here is all about archiving what I’m doing and evaluating how it made me feel in the context of my life story. A time capsule if you will.
  • Maps: I love maps. New maps, old maps, bizarre maps, I love them all. I have created a few maps that will show up on this website. Maps are stories in and of themselves, but also can be your guide to creating a new story.
  • Quantified Self/Living: Quantified self is a term that describes the activity of utilizing tracked numbers to better understand one’s self. To me, the interest is less about fitness analysis and more about my deep-rooted love of numbers and my desire to track anything that can be tracked throughout my life.