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About Me

My name is Evan Nickel and you found my website. Hi 👋

evan nickel

I am a 25-year-old hailing from the suburbs of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s a nice place. I am passionate about discovering ways to make the most out of life. From an early age I’ve been of the mindset that if you only have one life, you might as well make it count. Many people say that. My goal is to actually live it. Authentically.

To be honest, a lot of what I write is primarily for me. I have a lot of thoughts and they need to go somewhere. I like to think that at least 17% of it has value for other people out there in the great big world. Maybe you will be one of those people?

What I Believe About Life

1. You are the creator of your own life. Create something meaningful.

2. Life is made up of a series of moments. Embrace them in their time.

3. Be persistent in your actions and unwavering on your vision. 

4. Always own up to your failures.

5. Take time to celebrate your successes.

6. Treat everyone you meet as a person – with kindness and respect.

7. Love deeply with every ounce of your soul.

Things I'm Interested In

1.  Movies – Here is a list of all the movies I’ve seen that have been released since 2016.  My all-time favorite movie is Forrest Gump.

2. Books – I read a lot. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry. My all-time favorite author is Stephen King and my all-time favorite book is “The Stand”.

3. Travel – Seeing the world is an experience that constantly gives me perspective and an appreciation for the vastness of nature and the variety of cultures that inhabit the earth.

4. Mountain Climbing – I’m currently attempting to climb the highest mountain in all 50 U.S. States.

5. Marketing – During my day job I work in a fast-paced ad agency helping Fortune 500 clients strategically solve complex digital and social challenges.

6. Goal-setting – I wrote a bucket list of 400+ items. I live my life through the lens of goals.

7. Hiking – I’m happiest on a hiking trail that will take me to a beautiful vista, a roaring waterfall, a hidden cave, or a forest of pine trees.

8. Philosophy – My current areas of interest are in value theory and historical materialism.

9. Taylor Swift – she’s just the best.

10. Random Trivia – I watch Jeopardy!, I play bar trivia… my brain is filled with a lot of mostly-useless information.

11. Coffee – I’m no snob and am perfectly content with a few scoops of Maxwell House.

12. Maps – I like old maps, new maps, even Google Maps. I can stare with endless fascination at a detailed map.

13. Lists – There is something that makes me giddy about lists. I’m constantly writing lists whenever I can. 

My Contact Info

I’m always looking to grab coffee with interesting people so get in touch!

Elsewhere Online

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