About Me

About Me

Hello, my name is Evan Nickel and I’m the creator of, would you believe it, EvanNickel.com.

This page is supposed to shed some light on me and explain how I ended up writing this blog. So bear with me while I try to do that.

If I start from the very beginning I think I can blame the whole thing on my parents.  You see, my mom and dad were both teachers and every summer they would deposit my sister and me into the family van and take us all over the United States. These month-long trips took us to the big cities, the National Parks, and everywhere in between. By the age of 12, I had already been to 45 of the 50 states.

But then I did something I wouldn’t recommend:  I grew up.

First, it was sports commitments. Then part-time summer jobs.  Fast forward a few years and I left college to start working full-time. There were no more family trips. No more adventures. It was time to be an adult.

And you know what, at first adulting was fine.  I’m an ambitious person.  I love putting in hard work to elevate my career.  Plus as I was good at what I did and I got a lot of satisfaction from that.

Except deep down the itch for adventure was still there.  And it was eating away at me.  So late one night I started crafting a way to quit my job so that I could go do adventurous things.

Then a thought occurred to me… why do I have to choose one over the either?  Why can’t I be an ambitious young professional and still be an adventurer on the side?

That night I became determined to figure out a way to make that dream my reality and I created this website to share it and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

~ Evan

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