About Me


Hi, my name is Evan Nickel and I’m a goaltrepreneur.

A “goaltrepreneur” is someone who organizes their life by setting and accomplishing goals.

I love goals. I love dreaming them up. I love setting them. I love planning for them. I love crushing them. I love the entire process from start to finish more than I can really begin to describe with words.

It started when I was 14 years old. The whole world felt like a blank canvas where I could do anything I wanted.

I really believed it. So much so that I sat at the kitchen table and wrote down my bucket list filled with grand adventures around the globe. Was it overly ambitious? You better believe it was.

But I didn’t care. It gave me a feeling that I did not remember feeling prior to that day: Focus.

I was no longer just blindly going through life. I had a script. A script that has completely changed how I prioritize and manage my time, money and energy. I’ve been setting goals ever since.

Now, I want to help you do the same so that you can find the focus and clarity you seek in your life.

Ten Things


Here are some fun facts about myself that aren’t directly related to my goal-based life.

1.  I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and have for all 24 years of my life-to-date.
2.  During my 9-5 I assist Fortune 500 companies in launching strategic digital and social campaigns.
3.  I love the movie-theater-going-experience. Here are the movies I’m watching.
4.  I love reading. I read to learn and to be entertained. Here are the books I’m reading.
5.  I can sing the entire 1 hour 55 minute soundtrack to Les Miserables. Vocal and instrumental songs.
6.  Tea > Coffee > Beer > Water
7.  I occasionally moonlight as a competitive eater and participate in food challenges for free t-shirts.
8.  I would watch Jeopardy every single night if I could.  Random trivia is awesome.
9.  My dad is from Chicago so I have no choice but root for the Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks.
10. I like writing random lists.

My Contact Info


I absolutely love getting questions and virtually meeting people all over the world. That includes you.

So I created a page with a bunch of ways for you to reach me.  You pick what makes the most sense!

I look forward to hearing from you.