Hello, my name is Evan. Welcome to my personal website. 

I self-identify as an adventurer, writer and all-around life enthusiast from Wisconsin. 

This website is my place for keeping track of all the things that interest me. Of which there are many.

My Philosophy on Life

There’s a poet by the name of Beau Taplin who wrote a few sentences that mirrors my personal outlook on life.

“The difference between an ordinary life and an extraordinary life is only a matter of perspective  …. Think less of destiny and more of the moment right here. Because when you are old and ill with your loved ones around you, fame won’t matter, nor will the extent of your wealth. You are the sum of the stories you can tell.”

In short, that’s what I aim to do. Live my own authentic version of an extraordinary life and tell a few stories along the way.

Why I Love Lists

When I was between the ages of 5-10 I was obsessed with what I referred to as “study books.” These included old editions of Guinness World Records, or The World Almanac, and countless other books that focused on the sharing of facts and figures.

What I loved about these books was that they always featured lists. And these lists could do two specific things. First, they could act as time capsules. Succinctly identifying a moment in time. And secondly, that they were measurable and trackable. 

There is something so magical about having a list and knowing it can be both an archive of things and a checklist at the same time. 

Why I Love Quests

Before I explain my affection for quests, I first need to define it. A quest is quite different from an adventure. Every day is an adventure in its own right. But quests require planning and a willingness to explore something more profound than normal existing will bring about. 

I love going on quests because it satisfies some of my strongest compulsions. Namely, my intense curiosity of the world around me, the act of doing something that most people will never choose to do, and the personal growth that always results from these quests.

Why I Love Maps

Even more so than Twitter or Reddit (sites I browse far too often), Google Maps is my most frequently visited website by a large margin.

To me, maps are a gateway to exploring the world around me. Maps can be incredibly simple or incredibly detailed. Maps can encompass the entire earth or merely a single place. Maps are stories in and of themselves, but also can be your guide to creating a new story.

Here on this website, I create maps that help me keep track both of places I’ve been and places I want to go.