Hey, I'm Evan Nickel.

I firmly believe you can either go make life happen or you can let life come to you.  I would much rather be that first person, which is why I’ve become one of the most goal-obsessed people you will ever meet.

I want to help you embark on your own goal journey that will give you a sense of purpose throughout your daily life.  All day, every day.

Become a Goal-Master*

*Goal-Master: someone who sets and crushes goals on the daily

Current Projects

The World's Longest Bucket List

When I was 14 I wrote the first draft of my bucket list and I’ve been adding things to it ever since.

Climb the 50 State High Points

My quest to be the first person ever to climb the highest mountain in all 50 U.S. States and all 59 U.S. National Parks.

Media Log

Track the movies, books, tv shows, podcasts and music I'm currently consuming each year.

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