Hi there. I’m Evan.

On this site we explore how to live a bucket list life.

What's a bucket list life?

👍🏽 Living your true, authentic self

👍🏽 Recognizing sources of happiness

👍🏽 Being present every day

👍🏽 Making connections

👍🏽 Giving back

My Story

In 2007 I sat down at the kitchen table with a pen and notepad and wrote down a list of things that I wanted to accomplish with my time on this earth.

This was an old fashioned bucket list. A tracker of dreams.

For many years after, this list gave me direction when life got complicated. However, there was a problem: my life kept changing.

Deleting something from the list felt like a failure. Not accomplishing enough made me feel as though I was falling behind in life. It just was not working.

So I decided to rethink the entire concept of the bucket list.

This is a new bucket list. A way of identifying, constructing, and living a life of purpose and meaning. It’s a lifestyle. 

And it’s a lot of fun.

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