Hi, I'm Evan!

I’m on a mission to inspire as many people as possible to create their bucket list. I firmly believe that taking this single action can lead to a life that is strengthened with a feeling of purpose and focus.

This website also contains articles, resources, and my own lengthy bucket list for you to browse.

If randomly clicking around a website isn’t your thing, I created a getting started page just for you.

My Story

In 2007, when I was 14-years-old, I sat down at the kitchen table with a pen and notepad and wrote down a list of things that I wanted to accomplish with my time on this earth.

For many years after, this list served as a companion of sorts. Giving me direction and clarity when life got complicated. But I was rarely checking things off of it. While I have never lacked ambition or the ability to dream big, I struggle with focus and knowing how to get started. When I would look at my list I would feel shame that I was not living up to my own expectations. My bucket list was making me feel bad about myself.

I had to re-think what a bucket list was since clearly it was not working for me. After a lot of thought, I wrote down my mantra and three accompanying rules. Now I had the basis of something that was more than just a bucket list. It was a way of life. And I’m loving every second of it.   

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