Resources & Tools

People often ask me what tools I use to manage my busy life.

Well, here they are!

Please note: I recommend these resources not to advertise to you.  Yes, it’s true if you happen to click on a link and buy something I will make a few dollars off of you. But every single thing listed below I personally use, and I truly believe they can provide tremendous value in your life. THAT is the reason I am sharing them with you.

This page will change over time as I discover and add new tools, so I recommend bookmarking it!

I want to better manage my time…

google calendar logo

Google Calendar

My favorite time management tool.

I want to better manage my money…

mint logo


My favorite budget planner.



My favorite investment tool for beginners.

I want to get more organized…

evernote logo


My favorite note-taking tool.

google drive logo

Google Drive

My favorite digital storage system.

google photos logo

Google Photos

My favorite photo gallery.

I want to get more done…

trello logo


My favorite task management tool.

focusbooster logo

Focus Booster

My favorite app for increasing concentration.

I want to learn new skills…

khan academy logo

Khan Academy

My favorite free online classroom.

I want to discover myself…

journey logo


My favorite app for journaling.

calm logo


My favorite meditation assistant.

I want to get smarter…

TED logo


My favorite place for inspiration and learning.

highbrow logo


My favorite daily email courses.

I want to build a website/blog…

wordpress logo


My favorite website building platform.

A2hosting Logo

A2 Hosting

My favorite website host.

mailchimp logo


My favorite email marketing tool.

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