About Me

Hi, I’m Evan Nickel.  

I’m an entrepreneur, traveler, digital marketer, mountain climber, bucket list liver, and most importantly a son, brother, and friend.  I’m a lot of things.

The reason I started this website is that I enjoy helping other people be things as well. There came a point when I was in college where I realized that far too many people were simply going through the motions in life. This made me so incredibly sad.

People are amazing and capable of so much. I also believe everyone has passions.  Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping people discover how to live out their passions.

I’m not a life coach.  I’m just a guy who wants you to love your life.

My Contact Information

If you want to get in touch, feel free to send me an email.  Or follow/friend me on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Here’s what I’m currently up to.

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