About Me

Hi, I’m Evan Nickel.

I’ve always been a big dreamer.

When I was 14 years old I sat at my kitchen table and wrote my bucket list of things to do in life. It had 400+ items.

In the nine years since that original list was written, it hasn’t changed much. My dreams are just as big now as they were back then.

But I’ve changed. Over the last decade, I’ve finished high school, attended college, dropped out of college, started working full-time for an amazing company doing work that I love, became financially independent, and learned some tough lessons about being an adult.

Here’s the thing they don’t always tell you when the whole world is in front of you at age 14:

Life gets busy fast.

Responsibilities, commitments, obligations etc. These are the things that take up most of our schedules in “adult-world”. They often don’t leave much room for everything else. I’m talking about goals, dreams, hobbies, passions. The good stuff. Bucket list worthy stuff.

What if it was possible to live a life where it was possible to have both?

The reason I started this website was to see and share with you if that was in fact possible.

I want to be a responsible, mature, bucket list living, always dreaming adult.

I would love to help you become one too.

~ Evan

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